The Rusted Pixel site finally launches!

After a very long wait, finally, The Rusted Pixel site is live. Here you’ll find a curated selection of my work created for both clients and myself.

As followers of my work know, I’m a HUGE fan of development and creative process. I love to share how a project was made. Sadly not many social media sites are geared towards that anymore. Dribbbles original core value was for designers to share just a snippet of what they are working on. Hence the tiny form factor but now only the most polished and clean work gets noticed on there. Behance used to have a Work in Progress feature that I used a lot to keep my audience up to date on how projects were evolving but Adoble decided to remove it. Then, years later, when stories became ultra popular, Behance decided to bring back work in progress but in a similar, and rather soulless way to Instagram and Snapchat stories.

So with that rant being ranted I’m here to say that as I’m working on personal projects I’ll be posting development images and blog posts here. Also, with permission from clients, I’ll hopefully be posting creative progress for their projects too.

So thanks for checking out my first blog post! I hope to keep this part of the site very much alive and well.