"Derailed" a short animation in development

Derailed is a short personal project I’m working on. It’s going to be the largest of three short projects for (hopefully) 2019. It’s a story about different types of dwellings that move about on train carriages and mine carts. Think of Howls Moving Castle or Immortal Engines and you’ll have a pretty close idea.

Derailed windmill back and front

Above shows four of the eight “dwellings on carriages”. They are the larger objects that will have satellite objects following them around. The thinking is to keep this pretty streamlined without building huge scenes full of background objects. Alone, they may seem a little lost. I felt there was a little room to expand without increasing the workload too much so I decided to add a satellite cart to each object to help convey what’s going on per carriage.

derailed wheat cart

So, for instance, the windmill carriage has wheat carts that follow it around. While the trailer carriage has small gardens and picket fences with plastic pink flamingos inside. It allows me to push the story a little more and add another layer of interest and fun without getting too heavy with lots of work.


The boat was the very first model created for the entire piece and it set the style, tone and level of production values for any model that came afterward. It’s going to be one of my most ambitious projects to date and I can’t wait to share more!